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Why hire a memoir ghostwriter?

There are a number of reasons.


--Lack of writing skills is usually the first. Not everyone is a skilled writer, or at least not in the kinds of writing a memoir demands. Every book has to tell a story in an engaging way, and most memoirs should be written in a style similar to a novel, even if it’s a business book.


--Attempting a memoir demands much more than writing ability. It requires the ability to look at one’s experience in an objective and selective way, a difficult thing to do. We know so much about our lives that it’s hard to know what to include and what to leave out. What is the memoir really about? What core scenes are needed to tell that story? What stories, while interesting, are expendable? Where does the story begin? Where does it end? An experienced ghostwriter will help you ask and successfully answer these crucial questions.


--Lack of emotional distance from painful events. Not every memoir deals with traumatic experiences, but writing a memoir can be emotionally challenging. A ghostwriter helps you establish necessary distance from difficult personal material. I’m especially adept at this because I began my career in a writing program for teenagers who had faced multiple kinds of trauma, where I learned the nuances of working with that kind of material. A memoir cannot contain too much trauma because it overwhelms the reader. And not every traumatic incident has to be presented directly (or at all).


--Limited time. Many people don’t have the time or energy to write a book. I’ve developed a streamlined ghostwriting process for busy professionals that requires just a few hours of your time each week, and no time at all when I’m involved in the writing.


--Inexperience with publication and promotion. Not all ghostwriters help with the publication and promotion of your memoir. I work with you until you have a physical book in your hands. I guide you through the publication process, advising you on the cover design and other aspects of production. I also help guide you in developing a marketing and promotion plan for your book, connecting you with website designers, social media experts, and book publicists so you can hit the ground running when your book is published.


--The need for personalized, non-formulaic attention. You may be tempted to hire a ghostwriting company to write your memoir. Many of these companies limit the number of interviews and revisions. They work on volume and speed, and your book will be written in a formulaic fashion, perhaps farmed out to ghostwriters overseas. Companies also make inflated promises about marketing, promising you a bestseller. Unless you’re a famous celebrity or household name, no one can promise you a bestseller. Your book will sell, but only if you put the same hard work into promoting it as in writing it. I’m there to help you on that path.


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