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The Ice Underneath
A memoir by Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts

“In Al Desetta, I found a friend, an inspiration, and a pillar of support. His advice and expertise kept me on course in completing my book."


Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts

The Ice Underneath:

My Passage through Loss and Faith

Born To Serve 
A memoir by Sam Sutton

“It was always my dream to write my memoir. Al Desetta took my story into his most capable hands and brought it to life. I thank him for his service on this project."


Samuel Sutton, Jr., CSCM, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Born to Serve: The Trailblazing Life of Sam Sutton, Valet to Three Presidents

No Crying in the Operating Room
A memoir by Dr. Cecily Wang

“When I was feeling lost and struggling to get the words out, Al had a way of understanding and capturing my experiences that felt true to me. I couldn’t have finished my memoir without him.”


Dr. Cecily Wang

No Crying in the Operating Room:

My Life as an International Relief Doctor, 

from Haiti, to South Sudan, to the Syrian Civil War

Masterpiece: The Emotional Journey to Creating Anything Great
A memoir by Dean Stoecker .jpg

“I couldn’t have told my story without Al’s immense help. He’s a great listener who can

query you when he believes you need to go deeper. Working with him was a rewarding

and cathartic experience.”


Dean Stoecker

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Alteryx, Inc.

 Masterpiece: The Emotional Journey to Creating Anything Great

They Call Me "Dr. Death"
A memoir by Dr. Ken Pettit

“Al understood the goal of my book as if he was reading my mind. He had the patience

of a saint and motivated me to keep my eyes on the prize. If you’re contemplating

writing a book, Al is your guy.” 


Dr. Ken Pettit

They Call Me “Doctor Death”

How Our Medical System

Robs the Terminally Ill

of Comfort, Time, and Dignity

Fast Track Up the Corporate Ladder
A business book by Len Schutzman

“With his outstanding ghostwriting and editing skills, Al Desetta was invaluable in

helping me describe my climb up the corporate ladder at PepsiCo.”​


Len Schutzman

Former CFO and Treasurer, PepsiCo

Fast Track Up the Corporate Ladder

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