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‘I’d Love to Write a Memoir but I Don’t Have the Time!’


That’s where I come in.


As a seasoned memoir ghostwriter, I’ve developed a streamlined system to accommodate the busy schedules of CEOs, academics, doctors, and other accomplished professionals.


We’ll first identify crucial biographical details and story themes. For example, who are the ten most important people in your memoir? What are the major dramatic moments and turning points? Where does your story begin and end? What lessons are at the core of your memoir?  


With this crucial information in hand, I’ll be able to interview you in an efficient and focused way. I’ll spend the first month doing that, which requires no more than five hours of your time each week. I am highly flexible in scheduling these interviews (in one-hour increments) to accommodate your availability. I’ll send you a list of questions beforehand to prepare and prompt you.


I'll then start writing the book one chapter at a time, and send these chapters to you on a regular basis for your feedback on content, voice, and writing style.  Again, this requires no more than a few hours of your time each week. Additional interviews will take place during the latter stages of the process, in order to fine-tune and shape the manuscript.


Throughout much of the process, when I have enough information and am heavily involved in the writing, I may not need to speak with you at all. Many questions at this point can be answered by email. 


There is definitely work involved in writing a memoir, but I’ve developed a focused and efficient way to make that process as easy as possible for many busy people.


I hope you’re the next one. 


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