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Readers Love Autobiographies and Memoirs

Every person’s life has a story. Autobiographies cover the span of someone’s

life, while memoirs cover a portion of it. For example, rock-singer Sting’s

Broken Music: A Memoir was about his personal and musical lives only

before The Police became successful.

When you’re ready to write your book, or if you’ve already penned a draft,

I will help it become powerful, intriguing and unforgettable. My expertise will craft it into a book that could very well inspire people to put your tome on their lists of must-reads.

Here are some reasons why bibliophiles love a first-hand account.

It’s the closest we can get to living another person’s story and walking a

mile in his/her shoes. It’s the best way to immerse yourself in a new

perspective that actually existed, or exists, in the same world we all

inhabit. You can relate to the authors’ flaws and shortcomings, absorb their

despair, rejoice in their triumphs, and marvel at their integrity, energy and


We get a deep look “behind the curtain” to realize that folks considered to be

heroes, celebrities and geniuses are the same as the rest of us. They

experience similar problems, fears, challenges and emotions as we “common

folk” do.

We delve into the author’s circumstances in the world, whether it be politics,

sports, poverty, racism, family dysfunction… The list is endless.

We get the truth about the author—or at least the truth as the author saw it.

For example, rather than reading a biography about tennis superstar Andre

Agassi, most readers would rather hear Agassi’s version. After all, he lived it,

and it’s the closest the world will get to the facts.

Let me use my formal education and long-time professional experience to

shape your book into an excellent form. Please feel free to contact me at or 845-679-7086.

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